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Thursday, February 18, 2010

bRaDeN + UpDaTeS

Just a few updates...

Wow, where has the time gone?? Braden is growing faster by the minute and learning so many new things! He is the sweetest baby boy, and keeps us laughing with his silly new findings!

Mommy and Braden have been practicing saying "Maw Maw Maw Maw" (aka Mommy), of course he's not talking just yet, but he knows what it means. He laughs and smiles, and he is also getting more and more familiar with his name now too! Well, a couple weeks ago, he was getting frustrated after playing on the floor for awhile and it was like he built up all his might and blurted out one single "Maw!" I quickly scooped him up and said, "YOU SAID IT!!" He just giggled and smiled, probably just happy that I finally picked him up, but it just showed me that it won't be too much longer until he DOES start trying to say and recognize more words!

Braden will be 6 months old March 1st, and he is starting to show the will and want to of sitting up! It's so neat, and so fun to watch! Here is a video that I was able to catch some of him practicing, I think I was more excited than he was! Haha.

Anyway, our Valentine's Day was nice and quiet. We rented movies and just enjoyed each other's company. We also met my brother and his family, and my Mom, at Chili's that Sunday to visit for awhile.

What else....I received a promotion this past week at work, with it comes more responsibility, and hopefully I'm up for the challange. I think I am, but we'll see what they think.

Oh, and, the weekend before Valentine's, James and I finally got around to painting our living room! The baby and I were both sick, and James caught it a few days later, but we got it all painted! It looks great, and although we still have some touching up to do, I'm so glad that we finally got around to it! Next up....the Kitchen!

Well, today James and I have a dentist appointment, so I'd better wrap this up! Stayed tuned, we have some things coming up in March including B's 6 month checkup, James and my birthdays, a Rockets game, the Rodeo, and hopefully a trip to the Zoo!

Gizmo's 1st Haircut

Monday, February 1, 2010

My First Play Date

Braden & Allie
(5 months & 6 months old)

What a fun experience for both babies & parents! It was so fun to watch them interact! They were amazed that there was someone just their size to play with! Allie is beginning to teeth, but Braden didn't mind ;)