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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

11 months

Walking. Talking jibberish. Temper Tantrums.
Smiles. Hugs & Kisses.

You're eleven months old now! Can anyone believe that? We are planning your 1st Birthday party. We have most of the decorations, minus the balloons, possibly a pinata, and some sort of games, and party favors. We got you an "It's my Birthday" Birthday crown, and you look too darn cute in it. I still need to purchase your outfit for the party, order your cake, decide what we will feed people, and buy presents. Here's a picture of your invitation. They've already been sent out because we are having your party on a holiday (Labor Day) and want to give everyone every opportunity to make it if possible! I mean its a pretty special day if I dont' say so myself, LOL!

Your eating more and more of "big" people food, and becoming much more picky, but not with what foods you eat, but that you must feed yourself. Some of your new favorites are grilled cheese sandwiches, Kraft mac & cheese, mashed potatos, peas, green beans, whole strawberries, banana bread, toast, graham crackers, and much, much more. You still have no teeth, but you would never know it by the way you chop down on your foods. Maybe you will get your 1st tooth, for you 1st Birthday, who knows!

Checking out a tortilla.

For all of those who don't know you started walking a few weeks ago, and can now make it across any room without falling. It still happens, but you are getting better and better each day. You can stop, turn, swing your arms, or hold toys all while walking. Such a smart boy I have.

Your ONE year checkup is coming up and Mommy is excited to get you off formula and start you on whole milk, only because it will be a huge savings for us, plus easier/faster to serve to you at any moments notice. I hate that by this time I can stop giving you a bottle, its like your a big boy and not my little newborn anymore...who am I kidding, you were never a "little" newborn (9 lb 9 oz, 21"), but little to me. I am trying as a family to begin more organic foods, including milk, and fresh fruits & veggies from the local farmer's market, and you seem to like the produce so far, and Mommy likes the organic milk too, so it will be an easy transition for all.

We plan on taking a trip to San Antonio the 2nd weekend in September as well. This is sort of an extention to your birthday and a 2nd wedding anniversary for Mommy & Daddy. We can't wait. Both Mommy & Daddy are taking the entire week off leading up to our trip to spend quality time with you and to gear up for our trip! We havent taken a vacation since before you were thought of, so this is much needed.

Anyway, I will definitely update with lot's of ONE year events next month, until then stay tuned!