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Thursday, February 26, 2009

13 weeks 6 days

Well, here is an updated picture of almost 14 weeks now! It's amazing because I feel bigger than this, haha! I can't imagine how 5 months from now will feel! But time is surely flying by!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Just thought I would share this sweet, sweet picture and update everyone on little baby Madi!

She is doing soooo well and is at home with her Mommy and Daddy now for almost two full weeks! She is eating like a champ and putting on some weight! Her first post delivery pediatrican appointment went wonderful!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Current Obsession

Homemade Cupcakes!!
None of my cravings have been constant throughout this pregnancy so far besides chocolate milk and sweet iced tea. What happens though is when I get something in my head that sounds good I've must have it quick! Then, I eat that one thing for a few days until I'm over it and then wait until something new pops into my head. I was talking to my cousin on the phone Sunday and during our conversation the word "cupcakes" was mentioned....I went straight out to get the stuff! Very weird! Only thing is my husband doesn't like cake, or cupcakes; therefore I have 18 cupcakes all for myself. I kept these 6 at home, and brought the additional 12 to work with me this morning to share with my coworkers....otherwise I will eat them all!

What's new with me?!?!?!..............Very sensitive gums! I read that this can happen during pregnancy and let me tell you its not comfortable! I take good care of my teeth so I figured this would be one pregnancy symptom that wouldn't affect me -- I was wrong!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby Registry

Hey guys! Well, James and I started our baby registry today and man am I exhausted!! We decided to go ahead and start on it because a few people have already said they'd like to get us something soon, and we wanted to be sure that everything would match and go with our style. So, since we don't know the sex of the baby yet we started with the things we knew we wanted in neutral colors so they can be reused for our future children down the road. I'm very happy with the few things that we did pick out today! And, let me tell you I was completely overwhelmed by the many different options of the same items....like what type of bottles, what type of nipples for the bottles, what type of breast pumps, or bath tubs, or baby monitors, and humidifiers. I will have to go back with my mom soon so she can help me! Normally I am the one that wants to stay and keep shopping, but I'm telling you I was about ready to go the second James was this time! Anyway, we are obviously registered at Babies R Us and you can find us under Melissa McFarlin or James McFarlin.

P.S. - Although it was all very overwhelming.....it was also very fun! Everything we do now just makes things more and more real for us!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Organized

I have been wanting to put down on paper the millions of things that are constantly on my mind that I have been too lazy or too tired to do recently OR just forget entirely now and never get them done. There are also many things that need to be taken care of before we can even begin to get ready for the baby, like get the babies room ready to be painted and for furniture. So, as I sit here at work, once again thinking about what needs to be done at home, I decided to stop procrastinating on writing them down, and just do it! I feel like I've accomplished so much already!! Haha! ;)

Anyway, here we go....now I will not only have them on paper to carry with me, but also on here where I visit a handful of times a day.

Things To Be Done:

1. Box & put away all Christmas decorations. (They are all sitting in the office floor.)
2. Take down Christmas lights from house. (I know, I know....we are horrible!)
3. Open ALL mail & organize ALL documents.
4. Purchase new desk for office & new chair.
5. Get curtains for living room & master bedroom.
6. Get additional end table for living room.
7. Go through boxes in babies room & sort - put in attic what wont be used.
8. Clean out master bedroom closet & store all photos here rather than in the babies closet.
9. Re-do landscaping in front yard under the office window.
10. Register at Babies R Us for what we can now without knowing the sex yet. DONE!
11. As soon as we can - paint the babies room.
12. Need container for dog food in garage. (If they are still around.)
13. Get new trash can w/lid.
14. Clean up anything in garage which doesnt belong.
15. Get garage door & back patio door fixed. (Our dog tried to eat through the doors when we first moved in & it would be raining outside - very frustrated about that!)
16. Decide about bed in babies room - Can we use it somewhere else, or get a twin size for the office maybe, or just wait & give full size to Mom for now.
17. Find dress for the two weddings in March.
18. Get James fitted for tuxedo. DONE!
19. Write check for Mom for hotel in Dallas for wedding we are attending.
20. Clean out car & get washed!

I am sure this list should be longer, but for now these are the top things and must be completed as soon as possible!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday 10

10 Fun Things Happening in March!
I haven't been good about this lately, and March is just going to fly by because every weekend we have something planned, so I figured I'd share with everyone!

10. March 7th - We are going to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo to see Trace Adkins.

9. March 8th - IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! TURNING 27! WOWZA!

8. March 10th - IT'S 'JAMES' BIRTHDAY!!! HE'S TURNING 27, ALSO!

7. March 13th - Doctor's Visit......no this isn't the one we find out the sex, that will be the one after! :)

6. March 14th - Chris & Kristy's Wedding! (Self Note: get James fitted for tuxedo ASAP!)

5. March 21st - Headed to Dallas for my cousin, Elizabeth, wedding. She lives in Europe, but will be getting married here in the states in her hometown.

4. March 28th - Annual Crawfish Boil at Joesph's (James' good friend and old coworker).

3. End of March - My company is moving into a new and improved office in Katy. It has more room for our growing company and its going to be great to be right in town near a selection of different places to eat lunch (we're more in the country now).

2. Hummm what else......LOL!

1. We should be finding out the sex of the baby sometime at the end of March as well! We can't wait! Shoot, I can't wait! I'm ready to get started on my planning!

Friday, February 13, 2009

First Photo's!!!!

Yayy!!! We saw our little baby for the first time yesterday! It was amazing and surprisingly I did not cry! I was too worried about keeping my eyes on that monitor for as long as I could that there was no time for crying! Although, the time leading up to the appoinment I was getting SO anxious that I had butterflies in my stomach and I starting crying a little in my office, but thankfully stopped before anyone noticed. It was literally unbelievable knowing that our baby is in there just kicking away and moving its arms everywhere! The technician kept saying, "you little stinker" because everytime she thought she had a good picture to freeze it would start rolling around again! I wanted to take that little gadget home with me and watch all day long! Anyway, the results of the ultrasound left us knowing that my due date is in fact August 28th and I am 12 weeks today! The heartbeat was 158, which is wonderful and we get to find out the gender in late March or early April. I go back in 4 weeks (March 13th) for my monthly check-up and then the following appointment will be another ultrasound and can find out the answer to everyone's question......BOY or GIRL!?!?!?! After the ultrasound we waited back in the waiting room for another hour and fifteen minutes to see and meet my doctor for the first time (I've only met with the nurse practioner up until now). James was getting VERY impatient. He can't just sit in one spot for that long with nothing to keep him entertained AND the music was driving him bananas! I just laughed at him and told him this is all part of it! We like our doctor VERY much! She seems very sweet and ready to answer any questions we may have. After meeting with Dr. Lin, I was sent upstairs to the lab for more lab work for my nuceal testing (tests for your risks of having a baby with down syndrome). Anyway, that about wraps up our doctors visit! We were both starving afterwards and treated ourselved to one of our favorite places Victor's Mexcian Food! I'm sure the baby was loving that! Oh, and lately I just can't get enough of fresh Iced Tea, fresh Lemonade, and best of all chocolate milk! Anywho, I know what your all waiting on so I'd better just get to it, right?!?!

Meet our precious baby!

11 weeks 6 days old

Monday, February 9, 2009

Baby's First Onesie's

So, I couldnt help myself this weekend. I had to buy something for our little baby! James and I went to Walmart for a few things and I told him lets go look at the baby stuff, like I normally do, but this time I found a few cute onesie's that I decided to purchase.


Then, I sent the same picture to my mom and she called me up and said, "Where did you get those from?" and "I just can't keep anything a surprise for you!" She thought I had gone back to Burlington, where I had seen these little organic onesie's that were so soft and cute because they looked very similiar. So, she basically told me she too couldn't help herself and bought the baby something too!

Aren't they cute?

Well, the fun didn't stop there...... The Katy Craft Show was happening this past weekend, and look what James' mom stopped by with!

I just keep going back into the room where they lay and gaze at them! Picturing that one day soon there will be a little baby to fill up such precious clothes.

Anyway, just thought I'd share with you my little bit of baby fun this weekend. My doctor's appointment is Thursday and will be checking back in then!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Congratulations Dani!

Congratulations to my friend Dani on her new precious baby girl!! She wasn't due to come until mid-March, but God and little Madi had other plans in store for this first time momma! Dani was starting to experience some very high blood pressure and at her last doctor's appointment, the doctor had forwarned her that an early delivery could be in her future because of it. Sure enough yesterday afternoon her blood pressure reached extremes and she went to the hospital and her doctor felt it was best to induce labor for the safety of mommy and baby. Dani delivered little Madeline Ann Kelsey at 1:20am this morning and she weighed in at 4 lb. 6 oz. and 17" long! Both mommy and baby are doing well, and although Dani hasn't been able to hold her little girl because they have put her on bed rest to keep her blood pressure stablized, she should be able to see her very soon! Please keep Dani and her new family in your prayers for a safe and quick return home!

She got to hold her and feed her finally!!