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Thursday, February 26, 2009

13 weeks 6 days

Well, here is an updated picture of almost 14 weeks now! It's amazing because I feel bigger than this, haha! I can't imagine how 5 months from now will feel! But time is surely flying by!


Nicole said...

In case you are interested - I do hand painted wooden letters for nurseries.



P.S. - Hopefully you won't think I'm some weirdo but I found your blog from someone elses that was on Taylor's blog (someone I know).

Kristin said...

That girl Nicole found you from my page! =) I commented on her friend Taylors blog and then she noticed I was pregnant and told me about her letters! They're super cute!! I think I'm going to get some! =)

Belly is so cute!! I just love that we're pretty much exactly a month a part! So fun!