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Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Organized

I have been wanting to put down on paper the millions of things that are constantly on my mind that I have been too lazy or too tired to do recently OR just forget entirely now and never get them done. There are also many things that need to be taken care of before we can even begin to get ready for the baby, like get the babies room ready to be painted and for furniture. So, as I sit here at work, once again thinking about what needs to be done at home, I decided to stop procrastinating on writing them down, and just do it! I feel like I've accomplished so much already!! Haha! ;)

Anyway, here we go....now I will not only have them on paper to carry with me, but also on here where I visit a handful of times a day.

Things To Be Done:

1. Box & put away all Christmas decorations. (They are all sitting in the office floor.)
2. Take down Christmas lights from house. (I know, I know....we are horrible!)
3. Open ALL mail & organize ALL documents.
4. Purchase new desk for office & new chair.
5. Get curtains for living room & master bedroom.
6. Get additional end table for living room.
7. Go through boxes in babies room & sort - put in attic what wont be used.
8. Clean out master bedroom closet & store all photos here rather than in the babies closet.
9. Re-do landscaping in front yard under the office window.
10. Register at Babies R Us for what we can now without knowing the sex yet. DONE!
11. As soon as we can - paint the babies room.
12. Need container for dog food in garage. (If they are still around.)
13. Get new trash can w/lid.
14. Clean up anything in garage which doesnt belong.
15. Get garage door & back patio door fixed. (Our dog tried to eat through the doors when we first moved in & it would be raining outside - very frustrated about that!)
16. Decide about bed in babies room - Can we use it somewhere else, or get a twin size for the office maybe, or just wait & give full size to Mom for now.
17. Find dress for the two weddings in March.
18. Get James fitted for tuxedo. DONE!
19. Write check for Mom for hotel in Dallas for wedding we are attending.
20. Clean out car & get washed!

I am sure this list should be longer, but for now these are the top things and must be completed as soon as possible!

Wish me luck!