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Friday, February 13, 2009

First Photo's!!!!

Yayy!!! We saw our little baby for the first time yesterday! It was amazing and surprisingly I did not cry! I was too worried about keeping my eyes on that monitor for as long as I could that there was no time for crying! Although, the time leading up to the appoinment I was getting SO anxious that I had butterflies in my stomach and I starting crying a little in my office, but thankfully stopped before anyone noticed. It was literally unbelievable knowing that our baby is in there just kicking away and moving its arms everywhere! The technician kept saying, "you little stinker" because everytime she thought she had a good picture to freeze it would start rolling around again! I wanted to take that little gadget home with me and watch all day long! Anyway, the results of the ultrasound left us knowing that my due date is in fact August 28th and I am 12 weeks today! The heartbeat was 158, which is wonderful and we get to find out the gender in late March or early April. I go back in 4 weeks (March 13th) for my monthly check-up and then the following appointment will be another ultrasound and can find out the answer to everyone's question......BOY or GIRL!?!?!?! After the ultrasound we waited back in the waiting room for another hour and fifteen minutes to see and meet my doctor for the first time (I've only met with the nurse practioner up until now). James was getting VERY impatient. He can't just sit in one spot for that long with nothing to keep him entertained AND the music was driving him bananas! I just laughed at him and told him this is all part of it! We like our doctor VERY much! She seems very sweet and ready to answer any questions we may have. After meeting with Dr. Lin, I was sent upstairs to the lab for more lab work for my nuceal testing (tests for your risks of having a baby with down syndrome). Anyway, that about wraps up our doctors visit! We were both starving afterwards and treated ourselved to one of our favorite places Victor's Mexcian Food! I'm sure the baby was loving that! Oh, and lately I just can't get enough of fresh Iced Tea, fresh Lemonade, and best of all chocolate milk! Anywho, I know what your all waiting on so I'd better just get to it, right?!?!

Meet our precious baby!

11 weeks 6 days old


Kristin said...

Ahhh, so cute!! I'm just so happy for you! I'm so excited that our babies will only be a month apart!!

You dont understand how much I have been CRAVING Victors! Mexican food just isn't the same here and I am DYING for some Victors! I'm so jealous! =)

Tiffany said...

So precious, I LOVE ultrasound pictures!!! Watch out for the chocolate milk though, I solely blame that for my 65+ pound weight gain with Austin. It has been banned from my diet since!