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Thursday, July 25, 2013


Well, once again I feel like a horrible mother!  I have not been keeping up with updates on Channing's growth and development.  It is just so hard to find the time!  Channing is growing SO fast and I just know I will soon forget some of his milestones if I don't get them written down!  He is days shy of being 8 months old already!!  This kid is ALL over the place!  He is the fastest scooter I know, and is great at doing 'baby planks' as I call them!  It is really a funny sight to see :) 
He is saying "bubba" and "dada" and an occasional "mama".  He truly is the sweetest little boy!  He sleeps alone so much better than Braden ever did.  Braden was in our bed from practically birth to 3 years old.  Channing is pulling up on everything these days and really testing his limits.  He earned his first boo-boo the other day after pulling up on a chair and getting too wobbly and falling down hard on it :(  At his 6 month appointment he was weighing a 18#9oz and sitting up like a champ!  He will have his 9 month check up at the end of August and I promise to follow up sooner rather than later!
Braden is loving being a BIG brother especially now that Channing is becoming 'more fun and human-like' LOL!  Braden will be turning 4 in just over a month!!  I can not believe that!  He is growing like a weed and is turning into more of a boy and losing his babiness!  Braden will continue in his PPCD program this Fall at the elementary to continue improving on his sensory and transitioning disabilities, and will also get to visit a regular PreK class at the elementary as well.  This excites me because Braden is a bookworm and absorbs every detail of everything and getting a glance of how a real kindergarten class is like will be so fun for him! 
Braden has also started T-ball this summer.  It has been fun, and a learning experience.  I don't think it is his favorite sport and I think that he might do better at soccer in the Fall.  OH!  I better also make a HUGE note about Braden breaking his leg in a moonwalk back in March at a birthday party!  That was such a random experience seeing that I had never had to deal with broken bones before on myself let alone a 3 year old.  He was a trooper though, and lived through the 4 long weeks with a full leg cast like a real champ!!  But, this mommy prays for no more broken bones please!