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Sunday, September 22, 2013


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Braden 4 years. Channing 9 months.

Nine months old ALREADY!!!!

My little man is growing so fast and him and brother just had their check-ups at the doctor!  At 9 months old Braden was 21 lbs 5 1/2 oz, and 29 1/4" tall with a head circumference of 18"....

Braden at 4 years:
Weight - 40 lbs
Height - 3' 3.5"

Channing at 9 months:
Weight - 20 lbs 12 oz (Just right behind brother)
Height - 27.95" (Wow! Much shorter than brother)
Head Circum - 17.2"

Channing is crawling all over the place and is standing up on anything and everything!  He loves to say Bubba, and Dada, and has really started to say Mama just this week really well!  He too takes off like Braden did when he knows he's not supposed to be doing something he shouldn't, but he doesn't really understand the meaning of the word 'No' either, like Braden did, but he does understand me signing the word 'no'.  Channing is super chill and hardly gets upset.  He loves to wrestle his brother, be held, or just play with anything and everything!  He also loves to eat everything in sight!  We had a scare at Walmart the other day when he had been chewing on a piece of plastic wrapper....it was the first time I had really been scared he was really choking and wasn't sure if I could get it out.  A lady who just so happened to be a nurse did not leave my side until we finally got it out! Whew!  Channing definitely does not like being away from me more than Braden ever did.  He is reluctant to go with anyone else at first, but eventually gives in.  We are introducing more and more people food to him and he just loves pizza crust and cherrios.  No teeth for this little one yet.  The doctor says it should be soon.  We can just see it sitting right under the skin!  But, then again we did for brother also and he didn't get any until he was 14 months old.  You love Baby Einstein's and its about the only show I can get you to watch in its entirety.

Well, for now that is it!  We love you more than words can express!  XOXO

Monday, September 2, 2013

Braden turns 4!!!!!

Can it be?!?!?!

My little baby boy is now FOUR!  "No way!" as Braden would say. Lol.  But, sadly, its true!

This year we kept it simple and enjoyed a HOT day at the park with family and friends.  I began to realize why we have had it indoors at Chuck E Cheeses the past two years!  But, it was fun, and we had a great turn out!  On his actual birthday we attended church and relaxed at home for the rest of the day!

Braden is growing so fast these days and the things that come out of his mouth just crack me up!  He really is becoming his own little person right before my very eyes!  He is starting his last year of preschool, and will continue with his PPCD classes in the afternoon.  This year he gets to also go into a Pre-K class at the elementary for an hour as well.  He has his first doctor's check-up this Friday and I'm looking forward to seeing how much he has grown.  The last check-up he had was at TWO!  So, I will definitely compare the two and see how far he has come!

Braden will begin soccer in a few weeks!  The more he is around other children and involved in these activities, the more I see him growing into a little boy more so than a toddler or preschooler.  He is enjoying church, and loves doing things for others!  He has a big heart, and a big personality!  It makes me happy to see how much him and his little baby brother have bonded and love each other so much!  Channing wrestles him and attacks him!  It is hilarious!

Braden's favorite color is:  Red
Braden's favorite food is:  Pancakes
Braden's favorite sport to play is:  Tag
Braden's favorite book is:  Thomas & Friends
Braden's favorite toy is:  Cars & Trucks
Braden's favorite show is:  Thomas & Friends
Braden's favorite super-hero is:  Daddy
Braden can read sight words and write all his letters and make words with help.  He is beginning to story-tell on command. And loves to sing and dance now than ever before.

I leave with a simple prayer for my sweet Braden.  Just that he follow in Jesus' footsteps as he continues to grow and learn and become a bigger boy, to continue to make his family proud, and to be a leader and protector to his baby brother and to other children.

Blessings & Love,