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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our hard work pays off!!

Yayy the crib is here and all put together thanks to Daddy, and his lovely assistant...Mommy!!

Daddy hiding from the camera!
Ta da!

Pictures dont do its justice!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo CrAzY!!!

Good Tuesday Afternoon Everyone!! I hope everyone had a delightful Memorial Day Weekend! James and I sure did, but it has left us needing a couple extra days just to rest up! We did soooo much shopping, whether it be for groceries, little man's room, eating out, or whatever! My feet STILL hurt from all the walking we did this weekend, but I am very pleased with what we got accomplised in Braden's room. It's coming along sooo well! It's really looking like he can really LIVE in there now! And, just got the call that his crib is in and Daddy is on his way to pick it up now and drop it off and the house! I will have some new photos to share very soon!

Anyway, other than that we decided to take a trip to the Zoo yesterday (Memorial Day Monday). Well, WRONG DAY TO GO TO THE ZOO! Man was it packed! We had fun, but it was just TOO crowded to really enjoy anything or see any of the animals without a few thousand screaming kids and their parents that didn't know how to control them next to you! But, nonetheless we had a good time and although I didn't get any pictures of James and I (because really...it was so dog-gone hot and people were acting like monkey's that I didnt feel like asking anyone to take one for us), I did get a few pictures of some cute animals! Oh yea....and when we got back to the car to go home....what do you know....we had a flat tire! Anyway, after putting the donut on and heading back into Katy to the Toyota dealership to get it fixed, you could only imagine how happy we were to finally be home again!

I leave you with some pictures of our favorite animals to see at the Zoo! More pictures of Braden's room to come this week! Take care!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lovin' Ebay!

Just bought this beautiful antique lamp base for Braden's room on Ebay! I had been looking for something just like it all afternoon and decided to try Ebay...and what do you know I found exactly what I was looking for! It's going to be a great addition to his room!

Our Little Man's Room

It's slowly coming along....I just love going in there and thinking what I can do next to get it all prepared for his arrival! The crib will be here in 1 to 2 weeks!! Can't wait! The walls are still bare....still deciding exactly what I want to do with them!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Our Baby Boy in 3D

...Hiding his face...

...Rubbing his eye...

...Hand over head (see my lips and nose and my big belly??)...

...Trying to take a nap...

...Covering his face again, we were distrubing his sleep...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Yayy! I figured out how to add my signature to my posts! For anyone that would like one of their own, here is the site I used!


Thanks Brittany!

Wacky Wednesday!

Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

Yayyy! One of my favorite summertime shows is coming back in just two short weeks (5/26 @ 9pm) AND there's a sneak peak show coming on next week (5/19 @ 9pm) on Oxygen! I love, love, love this show....she is a totally different person than I ever would have expected, and its such a cute show and got hooked on it two seasons ago when it was still Tori & Dean: Inn Love!

Other than that.....

This morning I pre-registered online with the hospital for the delivery of our baby. This is very exciting for me! Just one step closer to finally meeting our little one, but I love being pregnant and I want him to stay in there for as long as he needs to so, ....no rush little Braden!

Monday, May 11, 2009


LOL, Friday was my doctor's appointment. It was fun! My mom planned on sitting in on this one again, but got there a few minutes late. I figured I would have to wait longer than I did, but they called me straight back. The nurse listened to his heartbeat and was able to get it before he started doing karate kicks at the doppler! It was so funny! My mom walked in just as the nurse was cleaning up the jelly. I asked if we could do it again so my mom could hear his heartbeat. Well, Mr. Braden decided that we werent going to get to hear it because his kicks were SO loud and directed straight towards the doppler that she was pressing on my belly with! It was sooo funny that all 3 of us couldn't stop laughing! Anyway, his heartbeat was in the 140's, which is great! The doctor came in afterwards and measured my belly. I'm right on schedule! I am 24 weeks and my belly has grown 24 centimeters! Other than that I need to start walking ASAP! I gained 9 pounds since my last appointment! She said it could be from all the juices I'm drinking, I guess you really don't realize how much sugar are in those Capri Sun's, Chocolate Milk, Gatorade, Root Beer, Minute Maid Fruit Punch, etc. LOL! Don't get me wrong...I'm drinking water in between all of that, but Capri Sun and Chocolate Milk have been my weakeness, along with warm & chewie Chocolate Chip Cookies from Subway! Mmmm. So, anyway, thats something to consider with these final 3 months! I did ask the doctor when my next ultrasound would be, and she said unless there is need or concern for one they will not do another one. If we want another then we would have to pay out of pocket for it because most insurances just allow 2 regular ones. I just can't go another 3 months without seeing our little man, so I asked about the 3D Ultrasound! It's a little much ($$$) but I think it will be worth it! So, I said SIGN ME UP! We go May 18th to get our 3D Ultrasound! Yayyy! And, then my next regular check-up is June 5th where I start my third trimester! That's just crazy to think about!

Mother's Day weekend. What a great weekend! It was HOT, I tell you! Saturday, we spent most of the afternoon with James' grandparents and mom at their house. We brought them their Mother's Day gifts and sat outside watching all the different birds that were eating from their birdfeeders. They live more in the country and it was very relaxing and peaceful to just sit and talk. James' mom gave us a baby swing she had bought, along with a baby bath seat and some washcloths for Mother's Day and also ended up taking us to eat at Victor's where my mom also met us for a late lunch, or early dinner. My mom bought me two new maternity shirts for Mother's Day and also ended up getting Braden 4 new collared shirts with 3 pairs of shorts to go with them! Sunday, I got up early and made coffee and blueberry muffins for James and I. We got ready for church and met my mom and my brother & his wife there. It was nice to celebrate Mother's Day as a family and as a soon-to-be mommy, myself! All the mommy's got a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons with little messages on each, like "a pinch of love" Afterwards, we took my mom to lunch at Saltgrass, where we met my other brother and his family there as well! It was fun to see everyone, including my neices and nephews, plus the food wasn't too shabby either! ;)

Well, I leave you with some upcoming events and things we are looking forward to this month and into June! Hope everyone has an awesome week, and I sure hope its a fast one!

May 18th - 3D Ultrasound!!
May 20th - Ordering our baby furniture!
May 21st-July 9 - Birthing classes begin!
May 22nd-25th - Memorial Day weekend! BBQ-ing poolside and the Zoo!
May 29th - Our dogs getting neutered, I am SO excited about this and hope it helps us in so many ways!
June 5th - Doctor's Appointment, and the beginning of my 3rd trimester!
June 27th - My Baby Shower!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Humm.... What is this?

Braxton Hicks, that is.

I had my first experience with these imposter contractions lastnight. Not painful, but sort of uncomfortable and annoying, but all worth it and also in a sense, kind of exciting! Annoying, only because they were strongest when he would kick, therefore, I was less focused on his beautiful kicks and more focused on what was actually going on, LOL!

Have I told you all how much I LOVE being pregnant. I have been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, and not only that a loving husband that is experiencing this all with me for the first time as well.

My 24 week doctors appointment is Friday. Nothing TOO exciting going on this check-up, just the regular. I love getting to hear his heartbeat though, its amazing that hes really in there and its just a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have him! My 28 week appointment I have to drink that sweet drink to test for Gestational Diabetes, so hopefully that comes out alright, oh and more blood work.

May 21st is when we begin our birthing classes with Karen Sanderson, which last through July 9th! I am sooo excited to start these classes. All these things just keep making this dream even more of a reality!

The week of May 18th we are ordering our baby furniture, so hopefully by the end of May I will have some updated pictures of Braden's room. I am looking forward to really getting it ready for his arrival in three short months!

Well, I'd better run. Just thought I would journal about my Braxton Hicks, so that I can always come back and remember this day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Belly Update!

23 weeks 3 days

Well, I haven't posted in over a week, so I figured I would give y'all an updated picture and just ramble on about what's going on at the McFarlin household! ;)

Our weekend was nice! Friday we were so pooped though from the week that we called it a night pretty darn early. Saturday, a coworker of James' brought by a HUGE bag of baby clothes and 2 or 3 bags of diapers they never used. There were quite a few cute clothes in there and I have my favorites separated out! I also went and did a little shopping for myself at Motherhood Maternity because I really needed something light-weight to wear to my bosses crawfish boil later that afternoon. We had been outside working in the lawn and it was HOT! out there. Anyway, I got a cute pair of light weight, thin khaki-colored capri pants, two shirts, and a pack of size Medium underwear (LOL! I hated to have to go up in a size, but man am I SOOO happy that I did and their cute too!). The crawfish boil was fun and we got stuffed on some MUDBUGS!! Sunday, James and I had a late lunch at Victor's Mexican Resturaunt and then headed off to Walmart to pick up a few things. Knowing me, I went straight to the baby section first. They had this really cute, handsome sleevless jersey & short UT Longhorn outfit that I just HAD to buy for next summer. I want him to get some use out of it so I bought it for 12 months. It's super cute!

Anyway, now its Monday, and its back to work! Oh, I saw Santa Claus during my lunch break today at Whataburger! No joke! And, I called him Santa (from inside my car of course, sitting in the drive-thru) before looking at his truck that read www.realsantajim.com and let me tell you, he was an awesome looking Santa!!!!

Well, I'd better get some work done! My next doctor's appointment is this Friday for my 24 week checkup, so I will report back then!

Have a GREAT week!!!