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Monday, May 11, 2009


LOL, Friday was my doctor's appointment. It was fun! My mom planned on sitting in on this one again, but got there a few minutes late. I figured I would have to wait longer than I did, but they called me straight back. The nurse listened to his heartbeat and was able to get it before he started doing karate kicks at the doppler! It was so funny! My mom walked in just as the nurse was cleaning up the jelly. I asked if we could do it again so my mom could hear his heartbeat. Well, Mr. Braden decided that we werent going to get to hear it because his kicks were SO loud and directed straight towards the doppler that she was pressing on my belly with! It was sooo funny that all 3 of us couldn't stop laughing! Anyway, his heartbeat was in the 140's, which is great! The doctor came in afterwards and measured my belly. I'm right on schedule! I am 24 weeks and my belly has grown 24 centimeters! Other than that I need to start walking ASAP! I gained 9 pounds since my last appointment! She said it could be from all the juices I'm drinking, I guess you really don't realize how much sugar are in those Capri Sun's, Chocolate Milk, Gatorade, Root Beer, Minute Maid Fruit Punch, etc. LOL! Don't get me wrong...I'm drinking water in between all of that, but Capri Sun and Chocolate Milk have been my weakeness, along with warm & chewie Chocolate Chip Cookies from Subway! Mmmm. So, anyway, thats something to consider with these final 3 months! I did ask the doctor when my next ultrasound would be, and she said unless there is need or concern for one they will not do another one. If we want another then we would have to pay out of pocket for it because most insurances just allow 2 regular ones. I just can't go another 3 months without seeing our little man, so I asked about the 3D Ultrasound! It's a little much ($$$) but I think it will be worth it! So, I said SIGN ME UP! We go May 18th to get our 3D Ultrasound! Yayyy! And, then my next regular check-up is June 5th where I start my third trimester! That's just crazy to think about!

Mother's Day weekend. What a great weekend! It was HOT, I tell you! Saturday, we spent most of the afternoon with James' grandparents and mom at their house. We brought them their Mother's Day gifts and sat outside watching all the different birds that were eating from their birdfeeders. They live more in the country and it was very relaxing and peaceful to just sit and talk. James' mom gave us a baby swing she had bought, along with a baby bath seat and some washcloths for Mother's Day and also ended up taking us to eat at Victor's where my mom also met us for a late lunch, or early dinner. My mom bought me two new maternity shirts for Mother's Day and also ended up getting Braden 4 new collared shirts with 3 pairs of shorts to go with them! Sunday, I got up early and made coffee and blueberry muffins for James and I. We got ready for church and met my mom and my brother & his wife there. It was nice to celebrate Mother's Day as a family and as a soon-to-be mommy, myself! All the mommy's got a set of heart-shaped measuring spoons with little messages on each, like "a pinch of love" Afterwards, we took my mom to lunch at Saltgrass, where we met my other brother and his family there as well! It was fun to see everyone, including my neices and nephews, plus the food wasn't too shabby either! ;)

Well, I leave you with some upcoming events and things we are looking forward to this month and into June! Hope everyone has an awesome week, and I sure hope its a fast one!

May 18th - 3D Ultrasound!!
May 20th - Ordering our baby furniture!
May 21st-July 9 - Birthing classes begin!
May 22nd-25th - Memorial Day weekend! BBQ-ing poolside and the Zoo!
May 29th - Our dogs getting neutered, I am SO excited about this and hope it helps us in so many ways!
June 5th - Doctor's Appointment, and the beginning of my 3rd trimester!
June 27th - My Baby Shower!


Kristin said...

Aren't moms and mom in laws the best when it comes to getting gifts for the baby!! I'm glad you had a good mothers day weekend!! =) I go for my ultrasound next Thursday! I can't wait!

Tiffany said...

I warned you about the chocolate milk!!! It is the silent skinny killer.