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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo CrAzY!!!

Good Tuesday Afternoon Everyone!! I hope everyone had a delightful Memorial Day Weekend! James and I sure did, but it has left us needing a couple extra days just to rest up! We did soooo much shopping, whether it be for groceries, little man's room, eating out, or whatever! My feet STILL hurt from all the walking we did this weekend, but I am very pleased with what we got accomplised in Braden's room. It's coming along sooo well! It's really looking like he can really LIVE in there now! And, just got the call that his crib is in and Daddy is on his way to pick it up now and drop it off and the house! I will have some new photos to share very soon!

Anyway, other than that we decided to take a trip to the Zoo yesterday (Memorial Day Monday). Well, WRONG DAY TO GO TO THE ZOO! Man was it packed! We had fun, but it was just TOO crowded to really enjoy anything or see any of the animals without a few thousand screaming kids and their parents that didn't know how to control them next to you! But, nonetheless we had a good time and although I didn't get any pictures of James and I (because really...it was so dog-gone hot and people were acting like monkey's that I didnt feel like asking anyone to take one for us), I did get a few pictures of some cute animals! Oh yea....and when we got back to the car to go home....what do you know....we had a flat tire! Anyway, after putting the donut on and heading back into Katy to the Toyota dealership to get it fixed, you could only imagine how happy we were to finally be home again!

I leave you with some pictures of our favorite animals to see at the Zoo! More pictures of Braden's room to come this week! Take care!