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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where does the time go?

It absolutely amazes me that time passes us by in a flash!  It seems like just yesterday we were finding out the sex of our soon to be second son...now he is three months old and all smiles! 

Where do I begin?  My pregnancy with Channing was beyond great!!  If I can plan another Fall/Winter baby again, I will.  Channing was born at the end of November weighing eight pounds && twenty-one inches long.  My delivery went so smoothly and was a total breeze compared to Braden's birth and my recovery time.

It is now March, and my thirty first birthday is this week!  Talking about time, where did my twenties go?  I am actually loving my thirties so far!  I think they will be the best by far!  So, now that I will be thirty-one, I really want to get healthy and feel like I'm twenty-five again!  I just started a 24-day cleanse called, Advocare, and I am on day nine.  It has really forced me to eat as "clean" as possible.  No, processed foods, drink only water, and workout when I can fit it in my busy Mommy schedule!  So far I am feeling better and sleeping a bit better too, and I had not cheated at all until this weekend when I had a scoop of chocolate frozen custard after a trip to the Children's Museum, and a bag of peanut M&M's Sunday afternoon.  But, I am looking forward to the end results and hope I keep up the "clean" food regime even after the twenty-four days are over.

Well, that is about all I have time to write on today!  Both boys are asleep, its so nice to have a quiet house for the moment!

Until next time....