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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Humm.... What is this?

Braxton Hicks, that is.

I had my first experience with these imposter contractions lastnight. Not painful, but sort of uncomfortable and annoying, but all worth it and also in a sense, kind of exciting! Annoying, only because they were strongest when he would kick, therefore, I was less focused on his beautiful kicks and more focused on what was actually going on, LOL!

Have I told you all how much I LOVE being pregnant. I have been blessed with a pretty easy pregnancy thus far, and not only that a loving husband that is experiencing this all with me for the first time as well.

My 24 week doctors appointment is Friday. Nothing TOO exciting going on this check-up, just the regular. I love getting to hear his heartbeat though, its amazing that hes really in there and its just a constant reminder of how lucky I am to have him! My 28 week appointment I have to drink that sweet drink to test for Gestational Diabetes, so hopefully that comes out alright, oh and more blood work.

May 21st is when we begin our birthing classes with Karen Sanderson, which last through July 9th! I am sooo excited to start these classes. All these things just keep making this dream even more of a reality!

The week of May 18th we are ordering our baby furniture, so hopefully by the end of May I will have some updated pictures of Braden's room. I am looking forward to really getting it ready for his arrival in three short months!

Well, I'd better run. Just thought I would journal about my Braxton Hicks, so that I can always come back and remember this day!