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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor
After The Final Rose

What a crazy "The Bachelor" lastnight! My thoughts at first was I was very upset that Melissa did not get chosen for the long run! I felt sooooo bad for her! Can you imagine what she was feeling when he said, "Hey, I can't be with you anymore because I can't stop daydreaming of Molly!?" I did love both girls, but always was leaning more towards Melissa, I guess I'm a little biasis for many reasons....her name, she's a Texas girl, she was fun & goofy, but Molly was also a very sweet girl! I was so mad at Jason, but after Molly came out and he told her how he felt, I think she handled herself very well. She asked "what about Melissa" before anything else, and although she obviously still cared for him so much I think she was respectful towards all parties involved and that made me accept the whole situation much more. They truly did look like they had been waiting years for each other and really looked happy. I actually think this could be a couple we hear about for years to come that might just stay together.......we'll see. My heart goes out to Melissa and I hope she finds her one true love.

On another note. Its Tuesday yall! And, theres 5 more days until my birthday! Yippeee!! I plan on getting my haircut and hilighted Saturday and maybe treat myself to a pedicure! Saturday night we have rodeo tickets to see Trace Adkins, and Sunday (my birthday), I think I plan making it a day with tons of R & R and my jammies! :)

New with me. I'm gaining more weight! I tried putting on a pair of jeans that I have been able to wear with the button unbuttoned this morning and I couldn't get them over my buttocks! I ran to the scale (because I had decided to wait to weigh again until next weeks doctor's appt), and it showed I'd gained about 3 lbs!! Oh, lord! Hopefully, that is my belly growing and not just my butt, but maybe I should lay off the chocolate milk for awhile! Ha! Who am I kidding!

Oh! And, lastnight I thought I felt my first tummy flutters, called "quickening" but I wont know for sure until it happens more often. But, it really made me excited!!

Well, guess I should get some work done now! Til' next time! ;)


Kristin said...

YAY for tummy flutters!! That's probably what it was, I felt mine with Keaton around 14 weeks too! =) So exciting!! I can't wait to get the belly again!

I was so sad for Melissa, I really wish they had worked out. I dont really like Molly that much!