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Monday, March 30, 2009

What a Gorgeous Weekend!

We finally had a weekend this month where we had absolutely nothing planned! There was a crawfish boil, but opted not to go this year.

Friday evening we did absolutely nothing!

Saturday - we slept in until about 10am and woke up to a gorgeous, yet cold and windy morning! That part didn't get me down though. I had the urge to mow the lawn! Don't ask, I have no clue, it was just such a beautiful morning and I loooovveee the way a freshly mowed and edged lawn looks on a crystal clear day! Well, ends up I mowed one strip and let James take over the rest! I just watched and picked up trash and sticks in the yard. After we were done I was compelled to get ALL the Christmas decorations piled in the office put in the attic! Yep, thats right...they have been sitting there for over three months now! I felt VERY accomplished after that! Later that evening my brother and his wife invited us over (2 houses down) for supper. We had 'Grasshoppers', jalepenos with cream cheese wrapped in chicken breasts and bacon, baked potatos, and baked beans, and to drink (for me) cranberry juice :) It sure was yummy!! We sat around oustide for awhile and talked and watched their dog, Jarhead, be a goofball and play with James. Afterwards, James and I went home to watch Twilight. I really enjoyed it, but of course no where near as good as the book!

Sunday - We started on BRADEN'S room!! We woke up, we put everything which was in the babies room into the office, and then headed off to Babies R Us to buy the wall border for the sports theme that we have decided to use.

Here is a picture of it from the website,
and is similar to how it will look!

We stopped off at Victor's to fill up our tummy's because we knew we would work up an appetite as soon as we started! Then, we took the border to Sherwin Williams and where we matched up the blue in the border to some beautiful navy blue paint! We got home and started right off....James tapped everything up with plastic, I used the level to draw a line around the room where to paint and where to stop for the border, and we began painting! I only did the outline and James came back through and painted all the walls! We finally got through at about 8pm and will put a final coat on this evening, and hang the border up tomorrow! (Pictures coming soon!)

I think we are both super excited to meet our little guy! It was so much fun for us both! I believe James even skipped to the room when we first started, LOL!

Anyway, I hope everyone else had just as good of a weekend as we did! And, I'll post some pictures as soon as I can!

Have a good week!


Tiffany said...

Woah, I thought that the pic was his room at first and I was in shock at how much you did in one weekend!! I can't wait to see actual pics!

Kristin said...

That bedding is so cute!! That's so exciting that yall are starting on the room! I used to just sit in Keaton's nursery once it was finished and rock in the chair imagining what he would look like! So fun!