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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Report

Today, I am 20 weeks 6 days pregnant! I love being pregnant. I love feeling him kick. I love watching my belly grow. I love going to the doctor for checkups. I love that my feet are slowly disappearing when I look down. I love shopping for him. I love that this little person has brought my husband and I even closer together.

Last Friday was my 20 week checkup and I promised you all a report. Everything is going just wonderfully! First, I invited my mom to tag along with me this time. We heard Mr. Braden's heartbeat at 165 and Dr. Lin measured the growth of my belly, which is now 20 centimeters, thats about 8 inches! That means my uterus is about the size of a large canalope now, and our baby boy is between 5 1/2 and 6 1/2 inches long and is now approximately the size of a large banana. Crazy, I know! I can feel him kicking everyday now, but its still not hard enough for James or anyone else to feel just yet, I just know it will be anyday now when they'll be able to though. My blood pressure and weight are great, also!

I have decided to have a natural childbirth if everything goes smoothly! I have begun telling family and friends so that they will understand my decision and either support me or keep their opinions to themselves whether they feel I can do it or not. I have decided to instruct all staff on duty and my doctor to not ask me if I want an epideral. My plan at this point is to not have one and if I change my mind I dont want it to be because someone planted the idea in my brain by repeatedly asking. Out of sight, out of mind is the idea! I came to this decision because of what happened to my mom while having me twenty-seven years ago. During delivery my mom was given an epideral incorrectly, which paralyzed her for weeks. She had to take physical therapy to regain her strength and mobility. She has had many struggles throughout her lifetime because of the effects of her paralysis in '82, and currently has permanant damage to her kidneys. Although technology is amazing these days, I would just rather try it on my own first. God gave us these bodies to bare children naturally and I plan on doing my best to do just that. Therefore, James and I are going to take some natural childbirth classes. They focus on teaching the Bradley Method of delivering, ways to help cope through the pain, rather than fight against it. I have heard this class has worked wonders for many people including my friend Shana, which had a home birth delivery. I won't be going that far, she is by far a much stronger woman in that sense, but I will be trying my best for a natural delivery as our first choice of birth plans.

Anyway, my next appointment is May 8th. I will be 24 weeks! Time is just coasting by! I leave you with a belly picture from 20 weeks 3 days and my first splurge buy for Mr. Braden! Not much change from 18 weeks, just more round ;)


Kristin said...

Well again the belly looks cuter than ever! Good luck with your decision! It will be HARD but you can do it! My epideral wore off an hour before I started pushing and the guy couldn't get back in there so the first half of my delivery was without one. He came in at that point and I got a little more but my doctor wouldn't let him give me much. You can do it, just dont feel like you've failed if you give in and get one, it will be great either way!!! =)

Tiffany said...

Let me know how the Bradley method works. Maybe I will try that next time around and see if I can actually go without the epi since I caved in this time! Oh, and guess what I did, despite reading your sunkissed post... played outside and got burned!!