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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Something to Think About

A great mother may have several meanings for each person entering into this role. One has to remember that we are all individuals, therefore will all demonstrate different ways in caring for our young. This is something to keep in mind before passing judgement onto others. What one mother teaches and or allows their children to be around or take part in, may not be acceptable in the eyes of another mother, and this is okay because we dont all have to be alike. The most important thing to remember is that we at least honor and respect each of their decisions.

As for me and my child.... I will teach God's word, I will not allow the slandering or disrespecting of others, I will teach him to strive for better, to love even his enemies for they don't know any better or might be hurting in their own hearts. I will shield him from the destruction of today's world and the laziness which it has acquired, that it is not okay to curse one another, that a clean heart, body and soul is how God wants us to live each day. I will teach him to be polite, to have goals and morals, to not be demanding, to be a selfless man, to respect and honor the women in his life, and to pray for those who do not portray these qualities, that one day they too will see the light for a more peaceful and fulfilling life. And, as a mother, it is my duty to protect him from anything that I feel will threaten the above wishes in any way I feel necessary.

So, as you determine what kind of mother each of you may be, please be courteous to the type of mother I strive to be and the son I choose to raise.

"But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24:15


Tiffany said...

I might be somewhat biased, but I think that your goals and desires are absolutely admirable!! If more mother's tried to do the same, can you imagine what kind of world it would result in? Can't wait for more posts!

Tiffany said...

Oh, and there are two books that are on my wishlist that I have heard good things about (though I cannot personally vouch for them yet) - That's My Son and Raising a Modern Day Knight

Anonymous said...

I have always respected you as a woman and a dear friend. I admire and am somewhat jealous of you and how you carry yourself with such kindness and compassion for people in general. You have patience and morals and I love you for all of it. But after reading this blog I have a whole new repsect and honor for you as a mother! You have grown into such a respectable woman Melissa - and you don't let anyone take away who you are and what you and James want for your family and home. I learn from you everyday....keep your head up and love every second of your sons life! Before you know it you'll be crying as you plan his 10th bday party like me right now!! lol.
We love you. Christina