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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

LIVE! with Regis and Kelly 2010

As a proud Mommy, I have entered my little man into the Beautiful Baby Search, I'm not exactly sure how to vote yet, but as soon as I find out I will let everyone know! I believe they pull the winner March 10th!

If you want to check out his picture, go to the link posted above and search names that start with "B" he is currently around page 44, but it changes some as more people enter their children! Of course they wanted a picture taken no earlier than December 20th, so I couldnt post one of the fabulous pictures we had done in November, darnit! LOL!

The winner receives:
*An appearance on the cover of Parenting Early Years
*$125,000 towards a college education
*A trip to LIVE! with Regis & Kelly
*ALL four runners up will receive $25,000 towards a college education
*ALL ten semi-finalists will receive a years supply of Gerber products

Wish us (or him really) luck!!! Hehehe ;)