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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Six Months...Half a Year...

Ugh! My baby boy is 6 months old already! I just cant believe it! It seems like only yesterday he was kicking me in the ribs and doing somersauts in my belly! He is growing up right before my eyes, and how bittersweet it is.

Braden went to the doctor last Friday because he hadn't been feeling well, ends up he has another ear infection. Afterwards, we went back to my office so I could finish up a few things, then went home. He decided he would do a little work too!

He had his 6 month check-up this past Monday, he got 3 shots :( and was such a good boy! Dr Nelms says he is looking great, growing strong, and that I'm doing a very good job! He was impressed on how well he is doing on his sitting up, and he does better and better each day! Braden is now 18 lbs 4.5 oz, and 26 1/2" tall, he's up 4 lbs and 1" from his 4 month check-up.

Here is a picture of him and his sticker he got for the doctor, its the Toy Story character "Rex" and says, "I visited my doctor" He is too funny!

We will be taking some 6 month old pictures here in the next couple of weeks so as soon as we do I'll be sure to post them! I bet you will be surprised at how big he's getting, the good times sure do know how to fly by, dont they?


Tiffany said...

How cute it must have been to have him at work with you!! And wow, he is bigger than Ethan was at 9 months! And almost as big as Ethan is right now as he approaches 1 year. You must be doing something right lady!! Keep enjoying, it only gets better and better!!

Kristin said...

Awww!! I cant believe our babies are getting so big!! Karter was 16lbs at her 4 month appt so we'll see what her 6 month weight is at the end of the month! =) We still need a playdate!! Have fun if yall go to the zoo this weekend!