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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sweet Kisses Hello

Our morning was a bit rambunctious today. The normal routine was array because we had to take Daddy and Uncle Kris to work, which is typically not the case. Daddy usually gets up first, makes his coffee, gets little man's bottle & breakfast ready, lets the dog out to do his business, and then wakes Braden up and feeds him his bottle, all while I take a shower and do my hair. Since I dont get to greet little man 1st thing, James will bring him into the bathroom where I'm getting ready and lets me say good morning before they sit down for his bottle.

Well, this morning, seeing that our time was cut short by 45 minutes, I skipped the shower and went straight to hair, makeup and packing Braden's bag for the day. James started his routine, but instead of waking up Braden, I did just to keep things moving right along.

As I walk into his room softly speaking "get up my little one" and turning on his lamp, and grabbing things for his bag, he slowly stands up in his crib to watch me fiddle around at what I am doing. I finally get done with what was needed and headed over to officially greet him. Smiling through his pacifier as I pick him up, he spits it out (which is something he's really gotten the hang of lately) and goes in for a opened-mouth, slobbery kiss! I was so surprised that by the time I realized what had happened, he'd already grabbed his passy and popped it back into his mouth. He's just now learning what the whole giving kisses thing is, and we normally have to request it several times before he does it on his own, therefore this totally caught me off guard.

He made my morning AND my day for that matter! It was like he was saying, "Hi Mama, I love you!"

My heart literally melted to the floor.


Kristin said...

Awww, so sweet!! I'm trying to teach Karter but no go just yet!!

Melissa said...

When he does do it, he gets a kick out of himself, he knows, he just picks and chooses when he wants to comply, LOL!