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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Terrible Twos?

Okay ladies! I need your expertise!

The problem:

Braden is having tantrums when we tell him no or correct him. He throws himself down in a crying fit (which isn't totally uncommon, right?!), but if he doesn't do that he will look around for the nearest wall to run his head into!!! Like really, all that it is hurting is himself! I'm not only worried that he will do this at preschool when he starts in September, but am also worried he will really hurt himself. A green/brown bruise on his forehead is never an uncommon sight recently, and if he throws himself down he will bang his head on the tile, or concrete outside, it doesnt matter the surface. We tell him no, give him spankings, and we have begun time out! He is STILL teething as well (remember he only got his first tooth at 14-months old). So, I'm sure this is just a testing faze, then add in the ingredients of cutting teeth and not being able to communicate his frustrations as easily as you and I do, then you get these tantrums. Oh, and he has begun hitting with a closed fist. He will give you this face as though he is saying, "What are you going to do about it!"

What can I do differently, anything? Am I doing what I should? I warn him, I sit with him and explain why he cant do what he's doing, and we have been doing the timeout thing a lot lately, which seems to work for awhile. I try to get him to calm down in timeout (because normally by that time he is screaming bloody murder because you not only told him no to something, but now you confined him to a mat that he is not allowed to leave from), then to tell me he is sorry for his actions. We havent quite gotten down the "I'm sorry" yet, but I do make him be quiet and then come talk to me after he is quiet to explain what he did wrong and why he was in timeout.

He is not a horrible child by any means! He is the sweetest thing ever, and I'm sure this is only natural and just part of growing and learning, but I wanted to get your opinions, or ideas, or if I'm doing something wrong you think...I would like to know! Braden is so smart and the only reason really that this bothers me like it does is because he is starting preschool soon, and I want him on his best behavior, and because I'm afraid he will hit his head too hard one day. Sometimes I think it could be lack of sleep, and we try to keep to a certain schedule. I have noticed more sleep definitely helps how he acts the next day, but sometimes if his afternoon nap carries too late, then he ends up going to bed later than I'd like him too, just because he's so awake. So, those of you that have toddlers his age, I would love to know your daily routine...when their nap time typically is, etc.

Your thoughts please....

(Now I feel totally guilty for posting this, because honestly Braden is a doll! He behaves so well in places you'd think most kids would act out...church, movie theater, etc....this mostly happens at home or at the sitters, and I'd just like a resolution or some comfort that this to shall pass and when, and how can I help him feel comfortable in knowing he doesnt have to react that way in order to get my attention or to get his point across)


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

Don't feel bad about posting! Every mommy needs advice sometimes and every child has something or does something that mommy could use help on! You're a great mommy!! Karter wakes up between 7-8 then goes down for a nap at 1 everyday. I let her sleep as long as she wants (usually 2-3 hours) then her bedtime is 7:30 at night. Some days/nights this has to change if we're out somewhere but we pretty much stick to it on a daily basis! I do notice a change in her behavior if she gets off of it for multiple days in a row! GOOD LUCK!!

Melissa said...

WOW! 7:30, I have been trying 8:30-9, but maybe I should try much earlier! His nap is landing about 1:30 these days...and on weekdays he's up by 6:45, his nap ranges from 2-3 hrs too. Humm...maybe its sleep! Will try MORE sleep! :) Thanks!