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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hiccups, Heartburn, and Heat!

This is what the past few days have consisited of....

Hiccups -
It's so cute! I wasn't sure at first, but now I know, little man has been getting the hiccups! I've felt them a few times now! Its funny and I wish I could see his little face and watch his reaction to them! I try drinking more water thinking maybe that will help him, LOL! Who knows!

Heartburn -
Ugh, I've NEVER experienced such painful heartburn in my life! As I sit here struggling to concentrate on the words I am typing its very hard to focus. I am a believer in waiting things out first before taking something for it, but after a couple of mornings of this, I just gave in and took some TUMS, so far, NO relief! I wish I could just lay down and relax and let it pass, but no duty calls! So, if there are any typos in today's blog please excuse them, I try to proof read quickly after writing my blogs, but right now I just dont have the patience for it!

Heat -
It's frickin' HOT outside, inside, while sleeping, in the car, LOL! Basically, I just stay HOT! I literally come home from work and strip down to hardly anything.....I told James lastnight, "I look rough!" I was in mismatched top and shorts, had gone straight to lay down after coming home from work because my feet and legs were so swollen, so my ponytail was an absolute mess! Anyway, I didnt care, I was finally out of my work clothes and comfortable!

Well, just ordered lunch from Jason's Deli, so I'd better go pick it up! Hope everyone else's day is going great! Take care.


Mazzy said...

PEPCID AC. Use it, it will be your best friend for the entire third trimester. Tums didn't do jack for me and quite honestly, it just backed me up after a while (TMI, I know!). The Pepcid worked much better, though there were still days it wasn't perfect. The hiccups are cute and what's amazing is how much they do it after they are born, too!
I do NOT envy you being pregnant in this Texas summer. UGH. I was miserable enough in the freezing days of January, I cannot imagine this.

kristinkfitness said...

Oh I remember bad heartburn with Keaton! I haven't really had it YET but I'm sure it's to come!! Good luck!! =)