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Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekend's blog title.....


It's what our weekend consisted of, literally the ENTIRE weekend! I never realized how much work goes into this simple yet tedious house chore! Anywho, so we finally decided to tackle the front flower beds! The old mulch was all old and gray (great for compost, but we needed a fresher look) and the original plants and flowers planted last year when we bought the house, just didn't make it (probably from neglect)! That's okay though, we just wanted to make it our own and it was fun! Hard work, but fun! Here are a couple of pictures!


Our next quest was to find a teddy bear to use as a prop for the maternity pictures James and I will be taking on July 4th with Studio One! They told us that we are welcome to bring any props that we may want to include in some of the pictures. The lady on the phone gave us some suggestions, like building blocks with the letters of his name, a blanket that will be in his room, etc. I came up with the idea of having a teddy bear with a blue ribbon around his neck! So, we were off to find the right bear! James picked him out, and it just seemed perfect! And, no need for a blue ribbon!!

Our first and only stop, Toys R Us,
where we found this guy!!


Sunday afternoon after all our hard work we decided to take a break and get some lunch with our fellow neighbors, which decided they would also tear their flower beds out this weekend and start over, and my mom, which was taking all of our mulch and dirt compost that we no longer needed. When we returned my mom got to see all our hard work, finished! So, what did she do......took out the camera and started taking pictures. A few of those pictures were of me, so I decided to find one that I didn't mind posting seeing its been quite some time that I've shared a belly pic! Please excuse the NO makeup, the exhausted look on my face, and the boring, unflattering pose that I'm giving the camera......but that's what you get after a weekend of HOT sun and FLOWER BEDS! LOL! ;)

29 weeks, 2 days


Tiffany said...

Look at you, all belly!!! The flower beds look great... maybe I should consider doing something with mine. Maybe, maybe not!

kristinkfitness said...

The yard looks great and so does belly!! I guess you're about to start going to the Dr. every two weeks now?? So exciting!!