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Monday, July 27, 2009

So, much to tell....

It's been SOOO long since I've really had the chance to blog about anything these days! There's been so much going on since the middle of June, so I have a lot to catch you all up on!

First, my baby shower back in June! It was a blast and just as I would have pictured it, all thanks to my lovely hosts...Shana, Ginger, my mom, and good friend, Christina! We got all sorts of goodies for Baby Braden and the food and cake were d-lish!! :)

Doctors Appointments - Well, I've had several since my last update, Lord only knows how long ago that was...I can't keep my days straight anymore! Everything is going fabulous! Although I have had a lot of swelling in my feet and legs, my blood pressure is still very good, so the doctor is not worried. I do go to Walmart, or Walgreens occasionally on my worse days just to be sure, and still BP is just fine. Weight is still steadily rising, but as long as its creating a happy, healthy baby, then I am fine with the weight gain. I am determined to get back to being a healthy, strong & fit momma after he arrives! And, thank goodness the heat will slowly be decreasing in just a few months, that will definitely help with me getting out there and staying at it! I have had my Strep B test done, which came back negative, my blood count is normal, and as of last Friday's appointment (July 24th) I am measuring at 37 weeks, although I am at 35 weeks. And, we got some great news -- I am dilated to 1cm! I know its not much, but its a start and just another sign that we dont have too much longer to go! Braden's heartrate is wonderful, constantly in the 140's, he's still very active, and he loves music on my belly, and gravitates to my right side, when I'm driving and he hears Daddy get into the car, its TOO funny and James just loves it! I go back to the doctor on August 6th, then every week after that!

July 4th, we took maternity pictures! These were so much fun! There are so many shots, but its so expensive to buy the CD of pictures so that I can share them all with you. So, for now I have the one below, the quality of the scan didnt come out very well, but in person the picture is actually really good! We also got two other poses that are hanging in his room, so maybe one day some of you will be able to see those as well!

Humm....what else.....

Oh yes, last week I went to a candle party, and I am SOO glad that I did! I'm sometimes hestitate to going to those sort of hosted parties, but this was SOO much fun, and I already can't control myself with everything I want to purchase! I just love all the scents and the burners really do a GREAT job of exposing those scents to any room! I can't wait to get my first order in.... I'm getting anxious Kristin!! LOL! Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more of this great product check out this site www.scentsy.com/kristinkotzebue

Last, but not least, we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary on Saturday! We'd been wanting to try out Perry's Steakhouse, and it was absolutely delicious! They put rose petals on the table and we got a complimentary dessert sampler also that they wrote "Happy 1st Anniversary" on the plate! I did not let one single bite go past me without eating it! LOL! I can't wait to go back!

Well......I'd better get back to work! Braden will be here anytime now, just whenever he feels he's ready! 'Til next time!


Tiffany said...

Wow, you are already 1 cm?!! That is awesome. I am sending you an email on your questions you have asked me.

Did you see the baseball burner? I am considering getting a shelf to put that in A's room. I love Scentsy now!! I am going to have to do a party soon!!

Can't wait to hear more updates in the next couple weeks. It is getting so close!

Kristin said...

Such exciting stuff and 1cm is awesome! I never showed any progress at my appointments and then after I was induced I was only at 2cm after HOURS of labor pains so I envy you! =)

I'm so glad you're excited about Scentsy, I just love it too!! Your order should be getting here toward the end of the week! =) That baseball warmer is 10% off during the month of July, just FYI to you and Tiffany!

I can't wait to hear more baby updates!! YAY!!