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Monday, July 27, 2009

Take your guess, and win a prize!!

Everyone is placing bets when Baby Braden will make his debut! Would you like to take a gander?!?!? I just might do something special for you if you come the closest or if you get it right on the day! Here's what we've got so far....keep in mind his due date is August 28th.

Andrew - August 3rd
Shana - August 8th
Allie - August 9th
Tammy - August 11th
James - August 12th
- August 12th
Kristin - August 14th
Me - August 17th
TeeJay - August 18th
Trica - August 21st
Mom - 17th/21st/22nd....haha!
(she can't make up her mind!)
Mandy - August 22nd
Christina - August 24th
Heather B. - August 26th
Stacie - September 1st -- YOU WON!!


Stephanie said...

I'm guessing August 25th!!

Kristin said...

August 14th! =)