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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Checkups, and more...

Well, I promised a ONE year checkup post and seeing that he just had his 15-month checkup I'd better get caught up!

It seems like yesterday we were just celebrating his one year birthday! The week of his birthday he visited the doctor and here is what we discovered...

Weight: 23 lbs 2 oz -- 54%

Height: 30" long -- 56%

Head Circum: 18 1/4cm -- 30%

And, this week at his 15-month appointment we found out that he is now...

Weight: 25 lbs 6 oz --62% (2 lbs heavier!)

Height: 32" long -- 75% (2 in. taller!)

Head Circum: 18 1/2cm -- 44%

Little B is definitely growing like a weed. I was dreading the shots this time because at his 12-month checkup he was hysterical for like 10 minutes after his shots were through, but this time he cried while getting them, then I could totally tell after they were done it was a "fake" cry, like "please feel sorry for me, pleeease!"

Also, since his 12-month checkup he has finally gotten 4 teeth as posted previously. He's becoming a much picker eater as his teeth come in, along with stronger temper tantrums. His favorite words are "WOW" "Nack" (aka Snack) "Mama" "Dada" "Yuck" and "Tada". He has learned to dance, "jump", climb on the couches and onto chairs, and to laugh on command when he's accomplished something, its pretty funny! Here is a couple of videos:

Christmas is nearing and I have absolutely no shopping done, and don't know if any will get done, but I do know we will shower each other with lots of love this holiday season and enjoy Candelight Service on Christmas Eve. I bought Braden the following book to teach him about the meaning of Christmas, and we've been reading it a lot!

Anywho, I am hoping to get Braden's Christmas pictures taken if he would just stop getting boo-boos. He currently has whats left of a small black eye from standing on an empty milk jug that we made into a noise maker and falling against the coffee table, a scratched nose from throwing a fit in his highchair, and now a scraped forehead from throwing a fit and hitting his head against the dog kennel. Do we see a pattern here?

This weekend....a visit to see Santa Clause...stay tuned.

'Til next time!


Kristin said...

Cute!! Where did you find that book at?

Melissa said...

Walmart, but you can find it anywhere.