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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hiccups, Heartburn, and Heat!

This is what the past few days have consisited of....

Hiccups -
It's so cute! I wasn't sure at first, but now I know, little man has been getting the hiccups! I've felt them a few times now! Its funny and I wish I could see his little face and watch his reaction to them! I try drinking more water thinking maybe that will help him, LOL! Who knows!

Heartburn -
Ugh, I've NEVER experienced such painful heartburn in my life! As I sit here struggling to concentrate on the words I am typing its very hard to focus. I am a believer in waiting things out first before taking something for it, but after a couple of mornings of this, I just gave in and took some TUMS, so far, NO relief! I wish I could just lay down and relax and let it pass, but no duty calls! So, if there are any typos in today's blog please excuse them, I try to proof read quickly after writing my blogs, but right now I just dont have the patience for it!

Heat -
It's frickin' HOT outside, inside, while sleeping, in the car, LOL! Basically, I just stay HOT! I literally come home from work and strip down to hardly anything.....I told James lastnight, "I look rough!" I was in mismatched top and shorts, had gone straight to lay down after coming home from work because my feet and legs were so swollen, so my ponytail was an absolute mess! Anyway, I didnt care, I was finally out of my work clothes and comfortable!

Well, just ordered lunch from Jason's Deli, so I'd better go pick it up! Hope everyone else's day is going great! Take care.

Monday, June 15, 2009

This weekend's blog title.....


It's what our weekend consisted of, literally the ENTIRE weekend! I never realized how much work goes into this simple yet tedious house chore! Anywho, so we finally decided to tackle the front flower beds! The old mulch was all old and gray (great for compost, but we needed a fresher look) and the original plants and flowers planted last year when we bought the house, just didn't make it (probably from neglect)! That's okay though, we just wanted to make it our own and it was fun! Hard work, but fun! Here are a couple of pictures!


Our next quest was to find a teddy bear to use as a prop for the maternity pictures James and I will be taking on July 4th with Studio One! They told us that we are welcome to bring any props that we may want to include in some of the pictures. The lady on the phone gave us some suggestions, like building blocks with the letters of his name, a blanket that will be in his room, etc. I came up with the idea of having a teddy bear with a blue ribbon around his neck! So, we were off to find the right bear! James picked him out, and it just seemed perfect! And, no need for a blue ribbon!!

Our first and only stop, Toys R Us,
where we found this guy!!


Sunday afternoon after all our hard work we decided to take a break and get some lunch with our fellow neighbors, which decided they would also tear their flower beds out this weekend and start over, and my mom, which was taking all of our mulch and dirt compost that we no longer needed. When we returned my mom got to see all our hard work, finished! So, what did she do......took out the camera and started taking pictures. A few of those pictures were of me, so I decided to find one that I didn't mind posting seeing its been quite some time that I've shared a belly pic! Please excuse the NO makeup, the exhausted look on my face, and the boring, unflattering pose that I'm giving the camera......but that's what you get after a weekend of HOT sun and FLOWER BEDS! LOL! ;)

29 weeks, 2 days

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Wait Is Over...

If you love the Twilight Novels, you might also LOVE this television series on HBO, called 'TrueBlood' that starts back this Sunday for its 2nd Season. Its a bit more adult than the Twilight books (definitely not for the little ones or teens), but ohhhh so good! This series has the vampire/human romance that after reading Twilight, we all crave! There are werewolves and other things that interfere with Sucee and Bill's odd relationship, but oh do they try! If any of you already watch it, let me know so we can start gossiping Monday mornings over Sunday evenings episodes. If you dont watch it, you might check it out and let me know what you think. If you have DVR and your like me, a weenie, you might fast forward through the opening song....it just freaks me out, LOL! My coworkers do the same thing.

Anyway, 5 days left until the Season Premiere!!

Oh and P. S. -- you can catch last seasons reruns on HBO all this week!

Monday, June 8, 2009

28 weeks

Wow how time is flying by! It seems like just yesterday I was awaiting the first flutters of baby kicks! Now he is as active as can be, and I'm getting bigger and bigger by the minute! I had my 28 week check up this past Friday and once again I had a not so pleasing weight increase, LOL! But, whatever my little one is needing is what I will give him. Everything is looking great other that...blood pressure is wonderful, he's growing as he should and right on schedule! My next appointment is in 3 weeks and then every 2 after that until August when I'll go every week. I also took my glucose test, and I'm just waiting on the results of it to come back. Also, we are in our 4th week of our Bradley Birthing Class, and I just LOVE it! It's amazing all the different things we are learning, and it really gives you that strength each week when you start doubting if you can do this or not, and naturally for that matter. James is such a wonderful husband and coach as well. He is really taking everything in and learning and listening to what I feel will help or just plain out annoy me during labor. We try doing our relaxation exercises each evening and I'm doing my stretching exercises as I have time (which I just need to MAKE the time for, because they are SOOOO important for preparing your body). Other than that we have been very busy preparing for his arrival and slowly but surely getting the house cleaned, now if I can only keep up with it, ugh!

Anyway, I'd better get back to work, lunch break is over and I've been busy busy! I'll try and makes some more time in a few days to catch up on my blogging! 'Til then have a great week everyone!