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Friday, January 23, 2009

Doctors Appointment

Well, I met with the nurse today to go over my blood results! Everything looked very normal she said and I found out that my blood type is A Positive (something I have always wondered, and now I know :) She said I'm looking really good and to come back in 3 weeks to get my ultrasound and meet with my doctor! I can hardly wait! Help me count down the days, LOL! February 12th!!!!!

So, I have a HUGE dilemma......I need new clothes! And, I am feeling horrible that I haven't kept up with my workout regime for the past 11 months, but with the stress of planning my wedding I actually put working out on the back burner....now I'm totally regretting it! I'm sure every pregnant woman goes through this stage of awkwardness....you feel prego, but you just look like you ate too many Hershey chocolate bars. I feel like if I would've kept up with it maybe I would have a little more self confidence in my body right now and what is still to come! Anyway, I went to THREE stores today after my appointment and couldn't find anything that flattered my figure! Ugh, I hope this passes and things end up looking very cute on my big 'ole prego-self! Does this get any better girls?? Anyway, my goal after the baby is to get back to the gym and get my body back into tip top condition! I don't like feeling so blue about myself!

Well, its the weekend and I am sooooo glad for that! I brought Victor's home for me and the hubby for dinner after my escapade shopping, so now I'm just feeling super stuffed , but still wanting an ice cream sandwich, LOL! Ugh!

Til next time! Have a great weekend everyone!


kristinkfitness said...

Yay for the good appt! And dont worry about your body or how quickly you want to get back in shape and try to just enjoy whats happening to you! Its such a miracle and it goes by so fast and once that babies out you'll actually miss having him/her safe inside you where you could feel their every move! This is the one time you can gain weight without feeling guilty! =)

Tiffany said...

The first, and even a lot of the second trimester are hard when it comes to finding decent clothes. You don't want to go crazy on the maternity clothes at this point because works now won't work in the end! I suggest a bella band or something of the like so you can keep wearing your regular clothes as long as possible. That is what got me through this time around.