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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photo Tag!!

Well, here goes my very first Photo Tag! I got tagged by my friend Kristin! What you want to do is go to your 4th folder containing all your pictures stored on your computer, then select the 4th picture in that folder, post that picture and write an explanation and link it back to your tagger! Then, tag 4 people to do the same! Have Fun!

This is a picture from my Bachelorette Party! My computer is new so I only have recent photos downloaded! This was such a fun time for me and we all had a blast! These are two of my really good friends and are the nicest girls ever! They practically feel like family to me seeing that they are both dating my husbands cousins (Robert Park and David Park), LOL! Anyway, the picture was taken at Rich's downtown after a fun evening at Cabo's! Thank you to all my girls for making it a night I will always remember! Love yall!

Since I'm new to blogging I am sending this to the only 4 ladies on my blog list, so sorry if you were already tagged!! Hehehe....

1. Julie at "JAJ". Julie and I have known eachother since elementary! Man, has it really been that long?! She has always been a good friend to me! I am so happy for her that she has found true love and she is doing so great!

2. Tiffany at "Sweet Baby of Mine". Tiffany and I have also know eachother for quite some time dating back to our school days! Although we haven't seen eachother in FOREVER its great to keep in touch now through our blogs! She is prego with Baby #2 and her blog really helps prepare me for what I have to look forward to in my pregnancy now!

3. Kristin at "Kristin K". What a sweetie! Kristin is so much fun! We have know eachother since HS but like she said have just really become better friends! Its amazing what all us girls have in common and being able to learn and share from others is such an awesome feeling! I thank her for our talks already about being a first time mommy to be and hope our friendship grows closer over the years! (PS...I know you tagged me, LOL, but I only have 4 people!)

4. Joy at "EVERYTHING GIGL". Joy and I go back to elementary as well! I can't believe it! Through the years Joy and I had many classes together and would help make the time in our History class go my SOOO much faster! I love the person that Joy has become, you can obviously tell that she is the type of person to be there for you always! And, I absolutely love her strong faith in the Lord! I have always had a relationship with God, but now becoming a soon to be mommy, I find myself talking to him so much more and it feels wonderful!


kristinkfitness said...

Such a pretty picture! I love it!