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Monday, January 12, 2009

My intended purpose...

for this blog site it to keep my family and friends updated throughout my pregnancy that aren't able to experience it first hand with us! James and I are so excited and this is all so new for us that we want to share our experiences. I never realized how fast your mind and body begin to change once you find out your pregnant. Everything that I have always wanted for my child whether it be good morals and values, a good upbringing with plenty of opportunities totally kicked in full force the moment I found out the news! It is also VERY overwhelming! Will I be a good mom?, am I ready for all of this?, is James ready? I have come to learn very quickly that this is completely natural and all I can do is my best! I also have some great friends, a supporting husband, and a wonderful mother that loves me unconditionally that will help me every step of the way!

Also, with my first real entry today I'd like to include just a couple pictures to share so far in our first seven weeks of pregnancy and counting!
Two of the Four Tests I took!

Almost 6 weeks prego - New Year's Eve

Other than that this site for me is just something fun to past the time! I think it is so wonderful that you can just speak your mind and get things off your chest or just share fun things with complete strangers that could be having the same experiences. It really helps put things in perspective!


Kristin said...

YAY I can leave comments now!! I can't wait to watch the belly grow,it's the cutest most amazing thing ever!!!!! I look at pictures when I was pregnant and its just crazy that we can stretch so much!