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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday 10

10 Great Things That Happened In 2008
(I know, I know...I'm Late, its Wednesday!)

10. We rang in the New Year with bells and whistles! It was absolutely a blast! We stayed in at our cousin's house, had a bonfire, ate great food, drank fun drinks, played crazy games, and slept in late the next day!
Happy 2008!

First Kisses of the New Year!

9. My fiance and I decided to buy a house built from scratch to live in as a soon-to-be married couple! It was such an excited time in our lives. Neither of us thought we could do something like that. Anything is possible and this experience showed us both that! We were so proud of our accomplishment that we would go by nearly everyday to watch the progress of our very first house being built!

It's all Ours!

James sitting on his soon-to-be Master Bathroom toilet, LOL

The finished product!

8. I turned Twenty-Six and got my braces off in the month of March! We celebrated my birthday and James' birthday, seeing that he's only two days younger than me, at Mo's Place with some family and friends! Getting my braces off was an extra bonus this month -- I originally got them a year ago to have perfectly straight teeth for my wedding photos! It was such a relief to have them gone, but I was actually just started to get use to the idea that I had them!

Happy Birthday To Me!

7. James and I took our Engagement Pictures! This was so much fun! It was a cool day and the sun was shining! James picked one of the places where we shot some of our photos and I was glad that he did! He actually had fun!

6. Something else that was so special to me was taking my Bridal Portraits in June! It is a time in a girls life where she feels like a princess, literally! It was soooo much fun to finally put on my dress again and not just for a fitting. I got to get all made-up and my hair done and put my tiara in and had the most beautiful bouquet that complimented everything perfectly! It was a day I'll never forget! Oh, and the weather couldn't of been any better!

The Black & White are my FaVoRiTe!

5. Our Wedding! What a crazy, beautiful, emotional, stressful time in my life, but in the end I got all that I ever wanted.....I married the man that I have loved so passionately for the past eight years of my life! We have had our ups and downs, but we have shown eachother we can make it through and that makes me love him even more! We are there for eachother through thick and thin!

4. VEGAS! What an awesome city! I LOVE IT! And, can't wait to go back! It's beautiful, its got life, and theres SOOO much to see and experience! Also, the talent there is out of this world! We saw a Cirque Du Soleil show called Mystere, we saw the comedian Carrot Top, and we took a tour to Hoover Dam, which is breathtaking! If you haven't been you must go, even if you're not the gambling type, there is soooo much to do and see!

Poolside at one of the amazing hotels!

In front of Bellagio Fountains!

3. Thanksgiving 2008. I love this time of year! I love the food, I love the company, and I love why we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving! This year I was thankful for my health, my loving family, and the way God worked in my life this Summer. I can truly say there is a higher power up above that wants nothing but the best for us all!

2. Christmas 2008. Our first Christmas in our new home! I was determined to decorate no matter if I went broke doing it or not! I wanted my husband and I too really appreciate what we have been given this year and a warm cozy home was just the ticket for our accomplishments! James hung the Christmas lights, I decorated the tree and sat out the nativity scene! It was perfect (even if we had only five presents under the tree, LOL)

1. We're Expecting! December 19th 2008 - I found out that my husband and I will be expecting an August '09 Baby! This just put the cherry on top of a fun-filled year! I can say I have been very blessed in 2008 and I have SOOO many people to thank for that!


Tiffany said...

Wow, what a jam packed year of excitement for you! I feel like so many congratulations are in order, the marriage, the house, the baby on the way!! You are going to have such an amazing 2009 and your life will never be the same (in a good way).

I am glad you found my blog and look forward to keeping up with you now through yours. (I couldn't respond to your email) Feel free to email me anytime you have questions on pregnancy or babies or just to say hi!

We have known and loved Cass for about 4 years now. That is too crazy that Robert is your cousin! It really is a small world.

Congrats again!