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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Three Days Shy....

before I grace the double digits in my pregnancy! And, I'm totally feeling it! A friend of mine Tiffany made a crazy discovery at what a difference there is from morning to night in pregnancy! In the morning, I feel empty and like my normal self, but as the day progresses I definitely feel bigger! Today, after lunch (Whataburger I might add, hehehe), I was feeling pretty tight, stuffed, and big! So, what did I decide to do??.....I decided to take a quick picture of my belly to see if I was right! Sure enough, look what I found........

Friday, January 23, 2009

Doctors Appointment

Well, I met with the nurse today to go over my blood results! Everything looked very normal she said and I found out that my blood type is A Positive (something I have always wondered, and now I know :) She said I'm looking really good and to come back in 3 weeks to get my ultrasound and meet with my doctor! I can hardly wait! Help me count down the days, LOL! February 12th!!!!!

So, I have a HUGE dilemma......I need new clothes! And, I am feeling horrible that I haven't kept up with my workout regime for the past 11 months, but with the stress of planning my wedding I actually put working out on the back burner....now I'm totally regretting it! I'm sure every pregnant woman goes through this stage of awkwardness....you feel prego, but you just look like you ate too many Hershey chocolate bars. I feel like if I would've kept up with it maybe I would have a little more self confidence in my body right now and what is still to come! Anyway, I went to THREE stores today after my appointment and couldn't find anything that flattered my figure! Ugh, I hope this passes and things end up looking very cute on my big 'ole prego-self! Does this get any better girls?? Anyway, my goal after the baby is to get back to the gym and get my body back into tip top condition! I don't like feeling so blue about myself!

Well, its the weekend and I am sooooo glad for that! I brought Victor's home for me and the hubby for dinner after my escapade shopping, so now I'm just feeling super stuffed , but still wanting an ice cream sandwich, LOL! Ugh!

Til next time! Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Easy, Inexpensive, Healthy Meals!

Hey girls! So, I need some ideas for some new receipes! Something thats only going to take about 30 min to an hour to make and is filled with tons of good things for me and the baby! If you read my previous blog from this morning, then you know I'm craving something different, not our same 'ole dinners we have everynight. I have gone to the grocery store so many times in the past couple weeks and it just seems like I come home with nothing. I would really love some of your ideas and favorite receipes if you have any to share!


Emotional Roller Coaster

The past 24 hours have been an emotional roller coaster for me and I'm not sure why at all. I haven't had one of these hormonal spells in about two weeks now. I wonder what truly brings them on? I think maybe its a growth spurt for the baby and so my hormones sky rocket and thats how my body deals with it. I don't know, but I do know while watching Desperate Housewives lastnight during a commercial I looked down to my lap for a minute and my husband, sitting beside me, said whats wrong and from there the waterfalls started flowing! I just shrugged my shoulders and said I dunno. He then said lay your head in my lap and as I sobbed more he just rubbed on my back and we continued watching the show. I think my tears were triggered by my unsatisfied belly! I just havent been able to satisfy my craving for some real nutrients! And, I think I was just finally fed up and frustrated! This morning that feeling of crying was still there when I woke up. Why? I have absolutely no clue! James asked me what was wrong, again! And, I was able to shake my head reassuring him it was nothing and held back the tears until I dropped him off at work but then he reached over for his hug and kiss goodbye, and the crying began again, LOL. It's so silly too me, even now, when I'm still feeling blue.

Anyway, hopefully my day gets better. I just feel like laying down and taking a looong nap! And, I can look forward to my next doctors appointment this Friday to go over my blood test results. It's not exactly one of the more exciting doctors visits to come, but it gets me out of work early on a Friday, and also its just one step closer to finally getting to hear a heartbeat and see our baby for the first time in a couple more weeks! I am now eight weeks along and the days are starting to go faster, but until I get that first ultrasound, it will truly feel like an eternity!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Photo Tag!!

Well, here goes my very first Photo Tag! I got tagged by my friend Kristin! What you want to do is go to your 4th folder containing all your pictures stored on your computer, then select the 4th picture in that folder, post that picture and write an explanation and link it back to your tagger! Then, tag 4 people to do the same! Have Fun!

This is a picture from my Bachelorette Party! My computer is new so I only have recent photos downloaded! This was such a fun time for me and we all had a blast! These are two of my really good friends and are the nicest girls ever! They practically feel like family to me seeing that they are both dating my husbands cousins (Robert Park and David Park), LOL! Anyway, the picture was taken at Rich's downtown after a fun evening at Cabo's! Thank you to all my girls for making it a night I will always remember! Love yall!

Since I'm new to blogging I am sending this to the only 4 ladies on my blog list, so sorry if you were already tagged!! Hehehe....

1. Julie at "JAJ". Julie and I have known eachother since elementary! Man, has it really been that long?! She has always been a good friend to me! I am so happy for her that she has found true love and she is doing so great!

2. Tiffany at "Sweet Baby of Mine". Tiffany and I have also know eachother for quite some time dating back to our school days! Although we haven't seen eachother in FOREVER its great to keep in touch now through our blogs! She is prego with Baby #2 and her blog really helps prepare me for what I have to look forward to in my pregnancy now!

3. Kristin at "Kristin K". What a sweetie! Kristin is so much fun! We have know eachother since HS but like she said have just really become better friends! Its amazing what all us girls have in common and being able to learn and share from others is such an awesome feeling! I thank her for our talks already about being a first time mommy to be and hope our friendship grows closer over the years! (PS...I know you tagged me, LOL, but I only have 4 people!)

4. Joy at "EVERYTHING GIGL". Joy and I go back to elementary as well! I can't believe it! Through the years Joy and I had many classes together and would help make the time in our History class go my SOOO much faster! I love the person that Joy has become, you can obviously tell that she is the type of person to be there for you always! And, I absolutely love her strong faith in the Lord! I have always had a relationship with God, but now becoming a soon to be mommy, I find myself talking to him so much more and it feels wonderful!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Sweet Baby

I think about you every minute of every day now! It's so weird to me that I can already love you so much and I don't even know you yet! I want so much for you!! And, while I'm thinking about you while I cook dinner tonight and that I'm eating these lima beans just for you, I want you to know that I will always, ALWAYS, be there for you no matter what! It makes me upset and can't quite come to grips with it why any parent would not do anything in their power to have the best relationship they can with their own flesh in blood, to be that role model that person in which they look up too, to remember that no matter what is ever said or done, that their child is a peice of them and every minute they dwell on the small things, they are missing out on precious moments that they will never get back! I will never let you feel like you don't matter or what you say isn't important no matter what your age. If you have an opinion or feel a certain way, I want you to know you can always talk to me and we can work out anything because that's how much you mean to me!

I love you my little raspberry, LOL (that's what size you are now!)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Need Your Spirits Lifted??

So, yesterday it felt like my day was just dragging on at work. I was an absolutely no mood to do anything and I was just exhausted! I was so bored with my regularly visited websites, when all of a sudden I came across this site! I love animals and just like kids, they do the darnest things sometimes! I was literally in my office laughing trying not to be so obvious! It made my last hour at work seem half as bad as the previous 7 hours, and as soon as I got home I pulled it up on the computer and showed James! It was great!

Take a look....
Purina Animal All-Stars on Yahoo! Video

Tuesday 10

10 Great Things That Happened In 2008
(I know, I know...I'm Late, its Wednesday!)

10. We rang in the New Year with bells and whistles! It was absolutely a blast! We stayed in at our cousin's house, had a bonfire, ate great food, drank fun drinks, played crazy games, and slept in late the next day!
Happy 2008!

First Kisses of the New Year!

9. My fiance and I decided to buy a house built from scratch to live in as a soon-to-be married couple! It was such an excited time in our lives. Neither of us thought we could do something like that. Anything is possible and this experience showed us both that! We were so proud of our accomplishment that we would go by nearly everyday to watch the progress of our very first house being built!

It's all Ours!

James sitting on his soon-to-be Master Bathroom toilet, LOL

The finished product!

8. I turned Twenty-Six and got my braces off in the month of March! We celebrated my birthday and James' birthday, seeing that he's only two days younger than me, at Mo's Place with some family and friends! Getting my braces off was an extra bonus this month -- I originally got them a year ago to have perfectly straight teeth for my wedding photos! It was such a relief to have them gone, but I was actually just started to get use to the idea that I had them!

Happy Birthday To Me!

7. James and I took our Engagement Pictures! This was so much fun! It was a cool day and the sun was shining! James picked one of the places where we shot some of our photos and I was glad that he did! He actually had fun!

6. Something else that was so special to me was taking my Bridal Portraits in June! It is a time in a girls life where she feels like a princess, literally! It was soooo much fun to finally put on my dress again and not just for a fitting. I got to get all made-up and my hair done and put my tiara in and had the most beautiful bouquet that complimented everything perfectly! It was a day I'll never forget! Oh, and the weather couldn't of been any better!

The Black & White are my FaVoRiTe!

5. Our Wedding! What a crazy, beautiful, emotional, stressful time in my life, but in the end I got all that I ever wanted.....I married the man that I have loved so passionately for the past eight years of my life! We have had our ups and downs, but we have shown eachother we can make it through and that makes me love him even more! We are there for eachother through thick and thin!

4. VEGAS! What an awesome city! I LOVE IT! And, can't wait to go back! It's beautiful, its got life, and theres SOOO much to see and experience! Also, the talent there is out of this world! We saw a Cirque Du Soleil show called Mystere, we saw the comedian Carrot Top, and we took a tour to Hoover Dam, which is breathtaking! If you haven't been you must go, even if you're not the gambling type, there is soooo much to do and see!

Poolside at one of the amazing hotels!

In front of Bellagio Fountains!

3. Thanksgiving 2008. I love this time of year! I love the food, I love the company, and I love why we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving! This year I was thankful for my health, my loving family, and the way God worked in my life this Summer. I can truly say there is a higher power up above that wants nothing but the best for us all!

2. Christmas 2008. Our first Christmas in our new home! I was determined to decorate no matter if I went broke doing it or not! I wanted my husband and I too really appreciate what we have been given this year and a warm cozy home was just the ticket for our accomplishments! James hung the Christmas lights, I decorated the tree and sat out the nativity scene! It was perfect (even if we had only five presents under the tree, LOL)

1. We're Expecting! December 19th 2008 - I found out that my husband and I will be expecting an August '09 Baby! This just put the cherry on top of a fun-filled year! I can say I have been very blessed in 2008 and I have SOOO many people to thank for that!

Monday, January 12, 2009

My intended purpose...

for this blog site it to keep my family and friends updated throughout my pregnancy that aren't able to experience it first hand with us! James and I are so excited and this is all so new for us that we want to share our experiences. I never realized how fast your mind and body begin to change once you find out your pregnant. Everything that I have always wanted for my child whether it be good morals and values, a good upbringing with plenty of opportunities totally kicked in full force the moment I found out the news! It is also VERY overwhelming! Will I be a good mom?, am I ready for all of this?, is James ready? I have come to learn very quickly that this is completely natural and all I can do is my best! I also have some great friends, a supporting husband, and a wonderful mother that loves me unconditionally that will help me every step of the way!

Also, with my first real entry today I'd like to include just a couple pictures to share so far in our first seven weeks of pregnancy and counting!
Two of the Four Tests I took!

Almost 6 weeks prego - New Year's Eve

Other than that this site for me is just something fun to past the time! I think it is so wonderful that you can just speak your mind and get things off your chest or just share fun things with complete strangers that could be having the same experiences. It really helps put things in perspective!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

This is so much fun!

I'm finally starting to get the hang of the blog! I cant wait to start adding pictures and having even more fun with it!

James and I have had an uneventful weekend, but that isn't a bad thing. For those of you who didn't know, my first prenatal doctors appointment was this past Friday! Everything looks great so far and I go back in two weeks to go over the blood test results. Other than that the nurse started me on some prescribed prenatal vitamins and I have had more energy today!

Anywho, Desperate Housewives just started so I'd better get in there before my husband decides to change the channel. 'Til next time!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, I finally did it! I started my very own blog, thanks Kristin!! Wow - I have so much to share with everyone and so much to learn about all this blogging stuff, LOL! But, it is nearing my bedtime and work calls in the morning! So, stay tuned........ Yours Truly, Melissa